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Supplement Multimedia Webinar In-Person Multi-Part Collection
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Secrets from the Back Office: the Mechanics of Pharmacologic Access

Multimedia Credits: .75

Expiration Date: Friday, July 31, 2020


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    Understand the optical neurological mechanism triggering headaches and how it relates to neck pain/tension and eye fatigue
    Understand trigeminal dysphoria, a condition resulting from a misalignment in the visual system that causes stimulation of the trigeminal nerve, triggering patient symptoms
    Identify and treat patients suffering from a misalignment in their vision



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    Identify and implement algorithms, decision-making tools, and patient communication approaches that can be used to determine the most appropriate treatment for the patient.
    Identify opportunities to advocate against prior authorizations and step policies and appeal them.
    Discuss the potential impact of the Drug Quality and Security Act and opportunities to advocate for continued access to compounded ophthalmologic drugs.
    Describe the impact of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act on ophthalmology and its potential impact on the prescribing of anti-VEGF agents.